Race Packages

Your race night needs excellent race night services and our team are experienced and ready to create your dream night.

We can supply all you need from basic DIY Packages to Operational and Delux Operational Packages that include professional fund raising best practices.

There are many elements that are required to run a race night. These include:

PA and AV Equipment
Race Card / Starter Pack Design & Printing
Professional Operator
Race Night Films & Tote Tickets

We have broken out easy to purchase packages that can guide you to what you need for your perfect

Race Night Packages

Complete Package
• Race Night Films • Tote Tickets • Professional MC • PA & AV Equipment •Promo Posters • DJ Music • Print & Design • Full Colour 28-page Programme

Equipment & MC Package
Starter Kit, Race Seller Cards, Race Night Films, Tote Tickets, Professional MC, DJ Music, PA & AV Equipment
Race Night Film/Totes Package
• Race Night Films • Tote Tickets  


An average club can achieve their target if personally managed by one of our Professional Operator in our packages from Start to Finish. Our MC will Meet with your committee and explain to everyone ‘How It all Works’ and make you a target plan (i.e. what you will need to sell to achieve your target). He will bring you the ‘Starter Pack’ that will contain all Promotional Posters, Sales Material, etc.

This is the hassle free and risk free way of fundraising for 2023 – call us on 01-8343300 for further details, or alternatively email: info@fundraisingevents.ie